Sunday, September 26, 2010

Permanent vacation

I`m dreaming of distant lands and cities, where i have never been, of tortuous side streets, new faces, overflow impulse of life. My life is a long journey and I never know where will be the next stop. One thing I know about me, that "You could say I'm a certain kind of tourist. One that's on a permanent vacation" (i love and feel this words from "permanent vacation movie" from 1980 by Jim Jarmusch).

Foto: me by K.Tsarev, location: moscow


  1. Ah, to be on permanent vacation...what a life. Though I must admit, I think I've inherited my family's trait of being 'workoholics', and probably wouldn't be able to stay interested in a permanent vacation if I got the chance... :-/
    How sad.

  2. I really love this photograph.. Beautiful, poetic..