Tuesday, July 1, 2014


It can be fun to move out. Just to move out. Without moving in.
There's always a plan in the life. They have homes, jobs, studies.  
I finished the university, had my rightfull vacations and - hello grown up life! 
To study further or to work, which country and which city - is a question.
And yes, yesterday I had to move out of my apartment.

I didn't look that much for a new accommodation, honestly - I didn't look at all for it.
It felt strange to move out into the nowhere. But after it already happened and I left all my stuff around all the city I started to feel happy instead. Free and happy. 
I'm happy about everything what's going to happen. Cause the world has no limits.
And a special thanks goes to my friends, who were helping me and whee I'm staying at ;)

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