Thursday, August 21, 2014


Lately, I hear more and more espesially two questions: why do I travel so much and what are my plans for my life!?
It's very simple - a couple of months ago I finished to study in Hamburg. The end of june the contract at my apartment in Hamburg expired as well. Instead of looking for something new in Hamburg (cause I didn't know where I'll find a job and where I'm gonna to live), I moved out of my house and never moved in
The absence of the house led for a kind of social experiment - since the beginning of july I'm kinda homeless - staying at my friends places, discovering new parts of Hamburg. On one hand it's such a funny life, on another, believe me, after a week you wanna climb the walls.
Firstly, you're always with people. Not even a day alone with yourself. Second, you never know when you'll get "home". And where will be your "home" for tonight.
I am lucky I have so many hospitable friends. I've had many dinners, funny nights and even problems of choice whose invitation to accept.
After 10 days of wandering through Hamburg, I thought - what's the difference about the city I'm sleeping, why not to go to another one - it's how I landed in Dusseldorf, Paris, and so on and so forth
 fotos: by max chatsky
After a stop in Moscow for 2 weeks until mid-August, I came back to where it all began -  Hamburg. I moved all my stuff to a storeroom (just 70 euros for 2 meters) and now I'm even more free!
Looking for a job, taking care about my visa, bureaucratic stuff and again - living at friends places
- it's what my life is right now about

Take care guys, much love

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