Sunday, February 1, 2015

2014 -> 2015

Summing up the 2014
How to sum up the year which feels like an entire life? I'd like to be brief but I want to say so much.

Graduation, not a step, a jump headlong into a more adult life.
We choose to study, work,we choose stability. We pick the trodden path, we are guided by our fear. I'm scared too. Sometimes I'm so scared that there is nothing left to do as to face your fears.
I'm starting my life for the 6th time with a blank page , in Berlin.
This year I've spend 6 months homeless. six months living and traveling without having my own corner, without realizing where I'll be tomorrow. six months non-stop, the life that you feel on the fingertips, you only live the moment and don't know what's coming next. It was deliberate decision .
13 countries, 34 cities by plane, bus, on foot, car sharing, cars and trains.
During this 6- months experiment I realized how little a man need - just a hand luggage, no shopping for half a year cause you don't know where to storage all those stuff - which is just an extra weight on our journeys.
6 months spending every day with someone when I wanted so much to be just on my own.
No stability, away from all obligations, everything left behind in the first half of 2015 - relationship, constant work& study, my flat and the city where I lived last years. It made me understand what a man is - we are birds! We don't need wings to fly!
This 6 months were tough and happy , it gave me a lot of new friends and people with whom I shared just brief moments or we are going to experience the 2015.
The most valuable in the life are people who surround you. Thanks to those who hosted me, for a couple of days or weeks, who didn't want me to go and gave me a place to stay, but most importantly - for a place in your hearts !!
let 2015 begin!

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